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Keep your website secure!

Joomla CMS Update

Websites are like cars ... but what you don't need with your website is an MOT (although a lot of them should).  Many people just leave their website alone for years ... but websites, like cars, get old. They need serviced, updated, and that should be done regularly.

To ensure that your site remains safe and secure, you are advised to upgrade your older versions of Joomla to the latest version. The Joomla 3 series has a push button update, so your site will remain safe and secure for you. Give us a call on 01334 871101 or contact us to see how Freetime Webgroup can help you!


Maintain the Website and Keep Calm!

Maintain Your Website

Your website is your ultimate tool for communicating the products, service or news from your company to your clients or potential global client base. You cannot buy a website and just expect it to work forever by itself, in as much as you cannot buy a new car and never expect to put fuel into it.

If you want your website to work and to be effective, you must put effort into making it work ... and that takes your vital time and resources.

A SME website can be maintained for just a few hours every month. If you have a very large website, you should maintain it more regularly. No matter if your site is big or small, outsourcing your website maintenance to Freetime Webgroup is the clever option. We have a plethora of software, resources and skills to ensure that your website is performing at its best. Give us a call and get your site on the road to success today ... 01334 871101

What benefits do I get from maintenance?

Like all things in life, if you don't look after something, it will stop working for you ... i.e. you fill your car with petrol, diesel or electricity so it keeps going ... and so it goes for your website. The money you pay to get the website live is just that ... but if you leave it to go stagnant, you will get very little in the way of enquiries, sales, or even visitors. Any success you get from your site will depend on the amount of effort you put into the website post launch.

What will we do during the contract?

  • If visitors know that you update your website regularly, they will keep coming back to see what is new. Many websites have scrolling news tickers, forums, new videos, twitter and facebook links ... all helping to keep the website fresh. All this will maintain freshness to the content of the site ... make the site useful to visitors and you will benefit from the increased traffic you will no doubt receive.
  • We will open Facebook and Twitter accounts for you and link them to the website (for extra cost)
  • Search Engines such as Google and Bing love websites that have fresh content. Initially, your website may be within the first 3 pages for your required search terms. But if you don't maintain the website, you site will soon drop down the rankings.
  • Google constantly changes the way it displays the search results, about 500 times a year at last count. To keep abreast of this changes requires on-going maintenance to ensure that your website stays within the first few pages of the search results.
  • When was the last time you tested your email form? In fact, when was the last time you looked at your website? To ensure success, there should be someone, with a bit of technical nonce, supervising the site. You should inspect your website statistics on a daily basis to see what the trends are ... if your stats are going down, something needs to be done to reverse that trend!

Keep it fresh.


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