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Getting Found ... Things to do!

To get your website found on the search engines is an art! It is not just a case of building a website and waiting for the crowds to rush to your brand new site. Read below to see what makes a website work, and why you should choose Freetime Webgroup.

  • Firstly, you have to make sure that you have words on your website that people are searching for. If you don't have the words on your pages, then how are the search engines going to list your site. 
  • Next is to ensure that you have a meta title for each page, and that meta title is different on every page. 
  • Then you should have a page title, formatted to heading 1. Heading 1 text weighs heavily with the search engines and will hopefully get your site up the rankings.
  • Many of my clients look for their website after a week by googling it! I advise them not to type the URL into the search bar, as the major search engines will take a few weeks, even months to crawl your new site. 
  • Every page that is of value will have around 250+ words. Without a decent amount of text, the major search engines will ignore the pages.
  • There should be internal links in the site to other pages within the site. Search Engines love links.
  • Once you have told the major search engines that you exist ... then wait a while ... it always takes time, unless you want to opt for paid ads.
  • Now you have the ingredients for a successful website, don't let it fester. Update the site regularly ... weekly even. 

Age is a factor!

My website has been in existence for a number of years, that is why you have found it.

You may find our site under the name of Total Ecommerce or Websites for Business ... they are all the same site. Freetime Webgroup will get you to the top of these search engines as part of the service. Go on, give us a go!


Search Engine Optimisation

Getting found on the popular search engines is the key to website success. We provide good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for all clients. Every page has copy (at least 250 words) and this copy is scrutinised and the keywords and phrases are added to the page to make it unique, poignant and most of all relevant!

We have a number of packages for you. The basic SEO we provide will give you Meta Titles, Meta Description, H1 tags, Alt Tags and, as long as you provide the copy, at least 250 words on a page. To get reasonable success online, you will also need to have at least 10 pages. Yes, it costs more, but why buy a website that does not work?????



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Mike Collins


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